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  2nd Class Terrorism; Prezi Lecture, Reading & Video assignment

Terrorism studies is a vital component of any endeavor that is directed towards countering terrorism. This includes intelligence analyses, counter terrorist finance activities, finical management, and the assessment of risk associated with financial institutions. Because of the complexity, counter terrorist activities are truly multidisciplinary endeavors. Therefore, the more you know about the functional domains that are involved in mitigating terrorism, the more valuable your services and expertise become.

Prezi lecture:

Reading assignments:

1. Transnational Crime and the Developing World (2017). First, read the Executive Summary. Then use the search feature on the Adobe Reader and type the word "terror" in the search box and conduct a search of the entire document. Read all the entries that you find during this search of the key word "terror". You can skip the references.

2.UNODC World Drug Report 2017, Booklet 1. Read the Executive Summary Conclusions and Policy Implications page 3 through page 26.

3. UNODC World Drug Report 2017, Booklet 5. Read the Preface and pages 15 through page 41.

Video assignments:

Malayan Emergency part 5 of 9:

Malayan Emergency part 6 of 9:

Malayan Emergency part 7 of 9:

Malayan Emergency part 8 of 9:

Transnational_Crime 2017.pdf
UN Drug 2017 1.pdf
UN Drug 2017 5.pdf